Meditation.... Some Thoughts..Pranava aka michael costin

Meditation one of the best life skill that you can give yourself..

There is a distinction to be made between techniques that
support meditation and actual meditation. 
Meditation is an experience of no mind that is, be not thinking
and be totally conscious. Techniques,
like guided visualisation, breathing, mantra, etc are of the mind..
In fact using the mind to go beyond the mind..
But why bother going beyond the mind???? Why not! Because
it is possible! Another frontier of human experience!

Respite from a hectic life!
Having the ability to relax the mind.
( Just as we can relax the body so we can relax the mind.)

Personal Development!
With advances in our understanding of human psychology
we learn that repetitive erroneous thinking causes many of
the problems humans face in their everyday lives. To have
the ability to step back from the thinking process allows
some respite from what can seem overwhelming.

Spiritual Life.
This is up to each individual.